Invasive Species


Non-native species are those that occur outside their natural range due to direct or indirect introduction by humans.  If the introduced plants or animals persist in natural or unmanaged habitats, they are termed ‘naturalised’.  Many naturalised species do not present a problem but some that spread and outcompete native species can threaten ecosystems, habitats or native species – resulting in environmental or economic damage.  These are considered to be invasive either due to lack of natural control mechanisms (such as predators), rapid rate of spread (by seed or vegetatively) or suppression of other species (such as allelopathy – as with black walnut – or competition for resources).  There are many Invasive & Noxious weeds in Ireland and the UK, and once identified can be managed in numerous different ways depending on the specific situation.  Care needs to be taken on chemical selection, application method and choosing the most suitable time to treat which is different for every situation.  Greentown Environmental Ltd have over 50 years combined experience which provides extensive experience in management of all the weeds below. 


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